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INTERVIEW : GETTING TO KNOW YOUR ACT Episode 1 with ( Sunky Of Life )


On the first episode of getting to know your act Ojoro planet got into a 10 minutes chat with one of lasu best music product of late. Sunky _Of_Life  .The Fast rising star talked about his upcoming project and about his newly signed management deal.



1. OJORO – Who is SOL?

    SOL – SOL, Sunky Of Life is a lyricist and a rapper. A young man with a soft spot for ART be it good music, beautiful paintings or an excellent write up. A graduate of Lagos State University. I’m outspoken, i’m a creative thinker, a great footballer, a low key writer, and a movie critic. I play a lot, almost too much actually but at the same time I’m a real hard worker and i’m not talking about sweeping the floor or doing the dishes before my sister starts ‘hmm-ing’ I mean i’m willing to write and rewrite and spend hours making songs. i’m not the artiste to put out a lazy song. SOL as a brand though, is more than a person, more than me, it’s a brand i have created aimed at creating something iconic. Born Olasunkanmi Gbajabiamila a Lagosian, I have two brothers and a sister, we can save the other details.


2.    OJORO – SOL You graduated from LASU ,an institution that has a background history of violence and cult related activities. How did you cope with everything and Your music?

      SOL – Basically, by giving respect to who you should and by giving respect .when and where you should. There are simple rules, don’t try to be a ‘James Bond’ just do what you have to do and you’ll be fine. About the music in relation to the earlier question. it’s pretty simple do not get up on a LASU stage singing what you shouldn’t sing about.

3. OJORO – What can you tell us about your school days/ life?

    SOL – I was pretty low key, very quiet except you were my friend or course mate. School was pretty good for me though, I didn’t want to attend LASU initially but after two years there was no school i’ll rather be. Lagos State University is a great school, could be better though and the idea of it being a school marked by violence should be erased. We all need to work together to re-position LASU and the new management is doing a great job to make that happen.

4. OJORO – You have done different kinda music, what genre do we classify your kind of music as?

    SOL – HIP HOP … I may make you nod your head or make you dance but you sure wouldn’t lack stories, metaphors, word plays and punchlines listening to my sounds.

5.  OJORO – Do you have a method when creating music ?do you write or just enter the studio and bam

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………….SOL – I write all the time. I love writing and I prefer it to the ‘producer play me a beat let me vibe’ Don’t get it wrong sometimes I get beats and they inspire a song but I still write to it and rehearse over and over again, edit over and over before I even book a session to record.

6. OJORO – Which producer have you used most? And Y?

    SOL – Timi Blaze and Sam blizz I think so far they have produced equal number of songs for me but the thing is Timi Blaze also mixes and masters my songs so I guess he gets the nod. Why? Both of them are amazing. The fact that they are not ‘just producers’ makes it even better working with the both of them. Sam blizz demands to see your lyrics and tells you what should stay or go. Timi Blaze is also a rapper and he demands you put in the work and energy just to make sure the sound comes out perfect.

7. OJORO – Why should someone who’s never heard of you take an interest in your music?

    SOL – Simply put, because I see music as an art and I can express anything you want me to anyhow you want me to. My music is dynamic, I can make you dance today, make you reflect tomorrow and make you bring back memories over morrow.

8. OJORO -What is the most bizarre/toughest/oddest question you have been asked in a job interview?

    SOL – I have never had a job interview. I have worked, but never had a job interview.

9. OJORO – What got you to write songs? (childhood trauma, happiness, money?)

     SOL – None of those options. My love for music and the need to express ‘everything’ got me to write songs. Although growing up as a music critic may have influenced a bit.

10. OJORO – Can you remember the first time you wrote a song? Describe it to your fans.

       SOL – This question just cracked me up. I had written verses here and there and a made ‘few-few’ with my guys but the first time I actually wrote a full song with the verses and chorus and bridge, intro and outro. I think it was Rise Above It. Then I thought the lyrics was excellent, lol now though I don’t think the same of the song but I don’t think it was too bad. The production totally spoilt the song though. It was borne out of the idea to inspire someone. I think it had … Emm

“Rise above it
Rise above hate
Rise above the game
Rise above the fame
Rise to make a name
Don’t care what the haters say
Blah blah blah … lol”

11. OJORO -in the beginning? Who did you play the early songs for?

      SOL – My close friends, my course mates, my brothers and my then girlfriend.

12. OJORO -Who gave you the support to keep writing?

      SOL – A whole lot of people I must say. But my Brother Olatunbosun, Aiyekoti Shuaib, my guys that we all started together and my then girlfriend are worth the mention. I remember her telling me I was a genius one time.

13. OJORO – Which song you have written is your favorite and why?

     SOL – This is a really tough one because all my songs sound like favorites to me. But emmm … I think I would go for an unreleased song “from the other side” feat. Savy Henry. But I can still mention 6 other songs in that same breath though. Why? The song is absolutely amazing. The hook, the verses, the idea behind it, the choice of words, the expression, the lyrical content, the story telling. It’s just beautiful.

14. OJORO -What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while working on a song?

SOL – It has to definitely be this one time I was writing a song, verses come to me easier than choruses do. But on this song i was writing the verses one but I had an idea for the verse 2 so I switched, finished the verses 2 in minutes and even added extra 8 lines. But I have tried and tried I cannot seem to complete the verse 1 it was really weird. The song has been lying in my notepad for months. I’m not the type to settle for poor lines just because I’m having a hard time writing so I don’t force it. It’s pretty weird, till this moment it is still incomplete. I should check it out after this interview.

15. OJORO – I Which song did you have the most trouble writing?

      SOL – The one I described earlier, I spend time on my songs but that’s the longest time I have spent on any song.

16. OJORO – What is your biggest regret?

       SOL – In the past few years I have learn to stop referring to it as a regret but for the sake of the question I would say “not becoming a professional footballer”

17. OJORO – What do you wish you could do over again?
       SOL – Nothing really, absolutely nothing

18.  OJORO – Let’s talk about you newly signed management deal or should I say record deal with GMM?

    SOL – Oh yeah! It got me pumped. Great deal for me, runs till January 2018 with the option of a renewal. I prefer to refer to it as a recording deal though. And more of a movement than a label. GMM would cover the full production of my tracks till January 2018 and during this course there are a couple of other attachments. It’s basically to encourage artistes like myself who have been grinding for some time. We know the major challenge is promotion, and when you have the creative aspect of your music covered. You can focus on promoting your brand to the best of your abilities.

19.  OJORO – Tell the fans about your upcoming project?

     SOL – Upcoming projects actually, they are so many. My fans should expect a song ‘fire’ produced by Sess the problem kid and mixed by Timi Blaze soon. That would be the first project to be released this year. After that, I think it would rain singles till July. Songs produced by Timi Blaze and Sam blizz. And maybe, just maybe somewhere in between a video or two. I can tell my fans to get ready to be treated to my best musical year so far. I tried to make sure I get through to my fans. I listen to them a lot and I made these sounds for them. So if you hear a single that doesn’t appeal to you which I doubt, wait for the next one.

20.  OJORO – Which artist will you love to work with?

       SOL – Wande Coal. If you asked for more, I could have given you a few extra

21. OJORO – Mention 5 of your best songs of 2016

      SOL – All Eyes On Me – Sunky ft Twist Berry
Christabel – Nash ft TimiBlaze
Chemistry – Falz × Simi
Sound Of A Legend – Sunky ft Azeez, Weezdohm, Nash, Damilola, Prodigi
One in a million – Savy

22 . OJORO – Do you see music as a profession or just a by the way thing ?
        SOL – Definitely as a profession.
23 .   OJORO – if not music what would you have been, that is occupation?
           SOL – Maybe a footballer, a writer, a music critic, a movie critic or a public health worker.
24 . OJORO – Should we be expecting a video shoot from GMM foremost artist SOL soon ?
         SOL – I never said I was the foremost artiste but a video emmm fingers crossed.
25 . OJORO – Between All eyes on me & Sound of a legend , which would you rather use as your ringtone ?
        SOL – I love Sound Of A Legend but it’s definitely going to be All Eyes On Me. It’s actually my ringtone.
26 . OJORO – Any last words for your fans and upcoming act in and outside LASU?

        SOL –  To my fans, please do not stop believing in me, pray for me and support me. Do not just like or share my posts or download my songs! Come out for my shows and events also tell me what you think about my songs and what you would like to hear. It would mean a whole lot to me if i spot you all in the in the crowd singing along.

For up and coming acts, who am I to tell you all what to do I’m just as upcoming as you are. But some of the things I’ve learn so far is “belief in oneself” is the most important thing you need. Never doubt your abilities to be great. Also invest in yourself and your music.
To my Gees at LASU being an artiste and a student is one of the most favorable combinations you can have. Take advantage of it to the fullest extent it doesn’t last forever. I also would like to let you guys realize LASU can give you exposure and help you through some certain level of development but it is a really small place compared to the mainland, Island or Lagos as a whole. Now think about Nigeria, Africa and the world. Wherever you choose to conquer. It’s not easy out here but we’ll sure make it together. BELIEVE
A couple of guys are doing well for themselves, Twist Berry and Stiles Manny my persons. Sauce is doing great too, Good lyricist. Esky and Sniekey popular names on campus. TK the rapper, Too bright sings, Morgan and a host of others are doing pretty well for themselves. I can only wish them the best and support where and when I can.

27 . . OJORO – Are you married /single /engaged /dating?
SOL – I am single to stupor 😂😂😂 no girlfriend, no baby mama … lol

SOL – My fans can connect with me on Twitter and instagram @sunky of life

On Facebook WWW.Facebook.com/sunky oflife

You can also send me a mail for bookings @ sunkyoflife@gmail.com

it would be great to hear from you.

I also want to say Thank you Ojoro for having me and thanks to my fans and my Day 1’s for supporting. May God bless you all. I won’t stop working till I can deliver the best sounds to you all.

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