MORENIKEJI ; My tale of fearful lost by Pelumzy_pan

My tale of fearful lost

She is the type you will never behold once, the sight of her perfect blonde face is enough to feed famished eye balls, I mean a blind mallam will be lost in thought at the sense of her cologne, her well curved waist will certainly make the balls under the trousers of a monk long for more, even a reverend father would begin to doubt his faith at the sight of Morenikeji’s curve, the way she displays proficiency at moving the contour of her back is close to being divine!

A perfect example of humility yet she looks exactly like a peacock, some golden white teeth is what she displays even when distressed engorges her soul, her beauty has already over thrown sadness from her mind and anger is now a forgotten alien even when hunger lavishes her bowel with heavy stokes, she will still conveniently show us the gap between her two front teeth, my heart has fallen a prey of her enticing beauty. I am now a devotee of her thought.

Oftentimes, her hair style reminds me of those days our mothers took pride in ‘shuku’ and ‘koroba’, that might be what makes her unique who knows?
While she walks with her cliques, what I see is a princess talking a stroll around an empire with some ‘low class’ maidens, the host of  heaven must have really dedicated sleepless nights in the business of her creation.
Countless times I felt the taste of fear on my lips, I smell the odour of desolate with my nostrils. One of the awful moments I had with Morenikeji was bumping on her while counting my steps on the staircase that leads to the faculty office, all I could mutter was ‘Hi’ afterwards, my feet freezes and I could feel my heart about to gets its way out through my throat.

Days passed by as months slowly took a stroll away, it dawn on me that I now have a heavy crush on her, how will I tell her about how close we used to be in all my dreams? How will I narrate last night dream to her? though she seems approachable but whenever I tried opening my mouth, my tongue would suddenly fail me, my voice also often take a sudden vacation, like that I heavily got chocked countless times.
Its not easy to be a man, especially when your dream is every guys wish, I do silently stand behind the shadow of myself as I  watch other boys  come with their saggy jeans, some clothed in tuxedo while others goes to the extent of crossing her path with different four wheels machine, then I would find my self muttering series of silent prayers, fortunately for me those prayer were answered, she rejects them all.

We grew and became more closer, now in our final year, prepared to take our final exams, the bond between Morenikeji and I has grew stronger as we became friends, everyone in the faculty even finds it difficult to believe we have no emotional entanglement. My fear for rejection has made me park my aspiration in the friend zone area and all I do is smile and pretend I’m okay with just being friends, yet my wishes were for us to be what Romeo and Juliet were.
On our sent forth day, it was an award party planned by the faculty’s students  executives for us to have nice moments together before we bid each other goodbye as we would soon be swallowed by the quest of occupying a convenient niche in the labour market.

It was a pretty night party, I was so determined to spill the milk of affection on her that day, I made up my mind to tell her what have being hidden under my tongue all this years. She was gorgeously dressed in a red mini gown with her naturally woven hair, as she sat close to me, her enticing smell was killing! Just as I was about to open my mouth and confess, then she slowly rested her head on my shoulder, gosh! I was out of the world, loads of memory started tripping into my mind, I swiftly travelled to the land of imagination, I never knew I was lost until my name was called by the short MC dressed like wizkid, Morenikeji’s name was called after mine. I blindly ignored the cheers and thunderous claps by the crowd as I was busy thinking of how to accomplish my last mission before day break cos that night seems to be our last hours together. We got to the stage and bagged the award of the best couple of the year in the faculty. I faintly smile while Morenikeji was filled of laughter, I can imagine how happy the award has made her but the fact remained the same “we are just friends”. Fear still griped me as I couldn’t imagine what her response would be, I’m obviously not a guy that would be just fine with NO as an answer from a girl.

Fate played a fast trick and few months later I was in her wedding ceremony, peeping from the back seat, struggling to get a full glance at the man Morenikeji was about to make her ‘forever for worse’ vow to. The guy nurtures beards like Rick Ross, a perfect mesomorph, I wonder the type of courage he had that I couldn’t gather for four years!
Nine months later I got a text from her, I joyfully open to read “Why didn’t you tell me what i waited to hear? I would have been the mother of our baby, just some words from you was all I wanted.”

Then, I realised I had what I wanted all this while but I never claimed it, however, it was rather too late. I wish I could turn back the hands of time.

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