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Check Out This 5 Steps For You To Keep Your Lover (No 5 is the deal)

This are 5 steps for guys to take in to consideration when you just get into a serious relationship to keep your bae or guys that their relationship life sucks , may be you should consider this in your next relationship .

1. Listening
Pay attention. A woman feels safe and secure when she knows her man will put down his BlackBerry and listen to her. Magic words: “I’m here. Tell me everything.”

2. Romancing
Romance appeals to a woman’s right-brained, less-logical side. Every woman fantasizes about being swept off her feet. Romance is bold because you’re displaying your desire for a woman and revealing a softer, more vulnerable side that women find irresistible.

3. Being Good in Bed
It’s not just the orgasms. A woman knows that a man who takes care of her in bed will take care of her out of bed. (Of course, the orgasms don’t hurt.) Your enthusiasm for her body is more important than your sexual prowess. Most lady will love you more after a great sex session .

4. Cooking, Cleaning, etc.
Self-sufficiency means you’re not going to expect her to be like your mother. Learn how to make one or two killer breakfasts or dinners, and you’ll win her heart.

5. Earning Potential
One in five women surveyed said a man’s successfulness in his career contributes to his sexiness. If you’ve demonstrated talent, goal achievement, and follow-through, you give women confidence that you will be a good provider.

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