HYPE-FEST 1.0: Come Groove With Your Favorite Influencer At The Coolest Hangout

The first edition of Hype-Fest aims at bringing creative social media influencers and Digital Marketing experts and other individuals together from across Nigeria, to discuss the pros and cons of the industry to learn from each other, in a fun environment.
Hype-Fest is for individuals to connect with people they would not normally have the occasion to speak to within the community, to better understand the life experience of others and to challenge their own assumptions, prejudice, and stereotypes. It will take place at one of Lagos’ finest beaches, Tarkwa Bay. On the 4th of January 2020.

Some of the popular influencers that will be at Hype-Fest include ThePamilerin, LazyWrita, TheMariamGiwa, IfeLuv and many more.

There will be lots of games and activities to engage in like ping pong, beer pong, pop the balloon, tug of war, card games, board games and more. Also, there will be mind-blowing performances by guest artists.

Hype-Fest 1.0 is powered by VVM Group, a digital marketing agency and is proudly supported by RedbullNG, Wilson’s Lemonade, SmokeBoxNG, AdamsTemiCreations, KatClothings, and MediaScape Entertainment.

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For more information, please call or send a WhatsApp DM to 07080740127.

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