Banker arrested after beating wife and denying her ‘marital rights’ for two years (photos)

41-year-old banker, Raymond Olisa Okani, has been arrested and charged to court for allegedly beating his wife, Nkiruka, after denying her ‘marital rights in bed’ for two years in Lagos.

Aside from assaulting his 36-year-old wife, the banker Okani, was reported to have abducted their three children and hid them at an undisclosed place which was suspected to be his mistress house.

However, Nkiruka disclosed to PM Express that her 7-year-old marriage started facing problem two years ago when her husband, started coming home late from work under the excuse of him assisting their female boss in the office and thus stopped sleeping with her.

She added that, he ordered her to move all her property from their bedroom and restricted her only to their children’s room.

Banker arrested after beating wife and denying her 'marital rights' for two years (photos)

36-year-old Nkiru Okani

Nkiru further disclosed that, when the burden became unbearable to her as he has stopped providing for the family and at a point asked her to leave their matrimonial home so that he could bring another woman, she refused mainly because of their children and then he resorted to constantly beating her.

However out of frustration, she went to a human right group office at Ikeja and reported her predicament but when he was invited but he refused to come for amicable settlement of the matter.

Following his refusal by both families and the human right organisation, the matter was reported to the police who arrested and charged him to court.

Wonders shall never end!


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