Top 15 Illuminati Members in Nigeria (Photos)

Who amongst Nigerian celebrities can be called an Illuminati member? Illuminati members in Nigeria may have taken all industry of music and entertainment. It`s the most powerful secret cult in the world. According to some sources, Illuminati took control over many independent countries. Members of many political organisations in the world are considered to be members of Illuminati. Therefore, it`s only the matter of time when the whole planet might be covered with Illuminati governments. They have one total goal for all people of the world. It`s to unite them under the control of one government.



What is Illuminati?

What is Illuminati?


Illuminati is a secret organisation that have one goal – control humanity at all cost. They provide much power, fame and other treasures to people, but everything has its price. Therefore, if you have a desire to become a member of Illuminati, then you might need to pay for the ticket one from the list of Illuminati members in Nigeria. Illuminati is provided with their names from the word Illumination. They may tell that this word is connected with light, but it`s quite possible that this word is connected with Devil. As it`s written in the Bible, Lucifer was given his name because he was the lightest angel in the army of God. Nevertheless, he managed to betray God and become Devil.

How can you become Illuminati?

How can you become Illuminati?

Can you believe that there are Illuminati members in Nollywood? Or there are Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry? Do you have a desire to become one of them? Then you need to be able to provide one of the next services:

  • You need to be rich and provide more than one-million-dollar income per year
  • You should be influential. It means that your word should have some meaning in the world.
  • You should be a member of one of the most influential families of the world.
  • You should be ready to serve to the causes of Illuminati no matter the price.

Nevertheless, if you have no money to become one of the Illuminati members in Nigeria, then you need to go through all stages of becoming this member. You should remember that you might pay very high price. It can be even called a blood price. If you desire, you might need to go through all the sufferings provided to the lower members of Illuminati order. You might become one of the servants in the great Illuminati pyramid. Still, you might get a chance to become one of the rich members if you prove that you are worthy.

Illuminati member in Nigeria list


D`Banj illuminati

The first famous Illuminati member in Nigeria is D`Banj. He might be called the most welcomed guest in any Nigerian Nightclub. Nevertheless, he might also be called the most favourite person in Nigeria. He has over one million followers on his Facebook page. Therefore, he can perfectly spread the influence of Illuminati in the minds of young Nigerians. It can also be sad that his music is diabolic. D`Banj has many fans that love him and have a desire to follow his path. What can they say about D`Banj being one of the Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry?

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

It`s the most extravagant artist on the music arena not only in Nigeria but supposedly in the whole Africa. He prefers to use interesting and elegance costumes to express his personality. Nevertheless, is it his personality? He might be one of the bravest and boldest Illuminati members. Charly Boy does not desire to hide the identity of being Illuminati member. Charly Boy is a famous Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer. Therefore, it`s perfectly understandable that Illuminati members in Nigeria want him to continue this path even he does not desire to keep everything in secret.


2Face illuminati

2Face is another Nigerian singer and songwriter that is considered to be one of Illuminati members in the music industry. 2Face is also known in Nigeria by his other name – 2Baba. It can be named the most successful and richest artist in Africa. He had a difficult life, but he managed to become successful on the stage. Nevertheless, did he become successful by himself or somebody more powerful helped him to succeed? Still, he provided some potential for Illuminati in the past, why he can`t provide some resources in the future?


Davido Illuminati

Davido is another famous Illuminati member in Nigeria. He is originated from the African tribe called Yoruba. It`s the biggest widespread tribes in Africa. Despite him being born in America, he continues to communicate with his origins in that tribe. Davido is also a co-owner of a sound company. He is strongly connected with his Nigerian roots. Therefore, he is one of the most popular singers in Nigeria. Nevertheless, did this fame come to him because of his talent or it’s because he is an Illuminati member in Nigeria?

Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike

She is proof that Illuminati members in Nigeria entered movie industry. She is also a singer and photo model. She managed to participate in several TV shows. Nevertheless, her destiny is very sad,.She has cancer that almost destroyed her life. Still, in some of her interviews, she confirmed her allegiance to Illuminati order. She even provided some fears that she might be replaced with another actress as she can`t live anymore. Therefore, a new famous singer might take her place and continue to spread the word of Illuminati.


Wizkid Illuminati


He is another famous singer, songwriter and producer in Nigeria that pledged his allegiance to Nigerian Illuminati order. He started his musical career at the very early age of eleven years old. He had five studio albums and managed to win many musical awards across Africa. He also participated in several scandals. The most public celebrity scandal for him denied his baby. Nevertheless, DNA test confirmed that he is a biological father to a baby. He can also be named one of the most rebellious celebrity Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry.


Goldie Illuminati

She is another famous and very popular Illuminati member in Nigeria. She is a songwriter and singer. This talented woman was born in Lagos. She released two studio albums until she died at the age of 29. The causes of her death are still unknown. Goldie was a married woman and her husband still continue to be a widower. Her appearance as an Illuminati member is confirmed by presenting her name in almost every Illuminati list. Some sources might implement news that she is not dead at all and just leave the stage according to the direct commands of higher Illuminati members. Therefore, it`s quite difficult to get a clear answer what happened to her and what are the reasons for her death.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage can be named the Nigerian queen of TV stage. She is a singer, actress and songwriter. She was introduced to the public by Davido. Tiwa Savage started her musical career as a back vocalist for many famous singers, like Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, George Michael. She released two albums before giving birth to her first child. She was named one of the hottest women in Africa by many famous magazines. It should also be mentioned her style in clothes that followed by many Nigerian women. Therefore, she is one of Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry. She can provide many followers to the order and much more soldiers to fight the common cause.


P-Square illuminati

This duet consists of two identical twin brothers. Peter and Paul confess that they role model for performing can be called Michael Jackson. They also made many parodies on the King of Hip Hop. Moreover, they have many parodies on MC Hummer, who is also considered to be their role model in performing. This duet managed to release several albums and provided one of the best music clips in Nigeria and Africa. These brothers are inseparable. They managed to marry on their beloved girlfriend and now live next door to each other. Therefore, this two have quite a status to be confirmed as Illuminati members in Nigeria in the music industry.

T.B. Joshua

T.B. Joshua


One of the most popular preachers in Nigeria. He is a religious leader in Nigeria. He managed to create his religious structures in Nigeria, which are called Church of All Nations and Synagogue. He received many awards for his investment into the cultural and religious development of Africa. He continues to communicate with his fans on Facebook. He tries to give them his advice and faith. He also recorded several video speeches, which he actively uses his YouTube channel to promote the ideas. These ideas can be perfectly connected with Illuminati members in Nigeria.


Nneka Illuminati

She is another famous lluminati member in Nigeria. Nneka was born in a Nigerian tribe called Igbo. She currently lives in Germany. Nneka prefers to sing her songs in Igbo and English languages. Her father has roots in Nigeria, where her mother is from Germany. Nneka released seven studio albums and even one mini album that called “The Uncomfortable Truth”. She prefers to sing hip-hop, reggae and soul music. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Nigeria.


Dagrin Illuminati

Dagrin is related to Yoruba Nigerian tribe. He can be called one of the youngest members of Illuminati order in Nigeria. Nevertheless, like all greats, he died young in a vehicle incident. According to some sources, vehicle incident was his punishment for constant violations of secrecy for Illuminati order. There are also rumours that he had a desire to leave Illuminati, but they did not allow him to do that.

Kay Switch

Kay Switch

It`s a famous singer and a songwriter in Nigeria. His real name is Kehinde Oladotun Oyebanjo. Nevertheless, he is mostly known in the world by his stage name Kayswitch D`Produkt. He is D`banj`s younger brother who follows the steps of the older brother in everything. It means that older brother could provide him with a path of becoming Illuminati member in Nigeria. He also was struggled with several scandals connected to his personal life. He might not get the same popularity as his older brother, but Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry see a great potential in this young man.


Sarkodie Illumianti

It can be named one of the first allegedly joined to members of Illuminati. He can be quite proud of gaining so many rewards in the music industry. People started to feel affection to his music right after “Saa Okidie No Nie”. This was a very popular video clip that can be seen in every corner of Africa. Therefore, he could allegedly spread ideas of Illuminati through his music and stages. He has many fans on his Facebook page that follow his every step and have a desire to be like this person one day.


Tokunbo Illuminati

Tokunbo Akinro is a famous singer in Nigerian diaspora of Germany. She managed to become a part of German Acoustic Soul Band, Tok Tok Tok. This band was active in the late 1990s, and during the 2000s, still they stopped their existence in 2013. This group had grand tours in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Kiev, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv. Therefore, Tokunbo managed to spread words of Illuminati not only in Nigeria but across the whole Europe. She is provided to be a member of a different group of Illuminati that stationed in Nigeria.





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