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Full name Imoreh Oluwatobi a.k.a Rated is a young talented artist from Lagos state…
Starting his career as an artist, Rated has had some freestyle songs over the years, such as GBE SUN MOMI, NEW SCHOOL JAGABAN and other songs which earned him a place in his school (LASU) top 20 artists countdown 2016…
As 2017 kicks off, he decided to drop this much anticipated jam titled DURO produced by veteran producer TEEMIX…

This is a song I recommend you to have on your playlist and share to the world… #Rated2Dworld

@ratedlives thanks to you #ratedites


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Shogbade Opeyemi popularly known as Ojoro is the Owner and Admin of . He is a student and entrepreneur and his major likes are Sport,blogging,music and his loving family.

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    NIGERIAN COMEDIAN Wale Gates LIVE @ THE INTRO CONCERT Nigerian Comedian Wale Gates @
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