Must Read : The teachable and correctable personality

What does it mean to be teachable?

It simply means willingness to receive instructions or to learn. No one is an island of knowledge, there are things we do not know that others may know and on the other hand there are things we know that others don’t know. So for us to improve the level of things we know we need to be teachable. So how can we be teachable? So I think for a person to be teachable, there has to be an element of willingness first, that means we must be ready to learn. Another key factor is humility and patience. Starting with humility. humility means to be humble. to be humble means not being proud, not being arrogant. It means being modest. When a person is proud or arrogant it will be difficult for the person to learn. Also patience means to be patient. And to be patient means to be able to wait or a state of staying composed. In the learning process if a person is not patient the person will learn but he or she won’t learn enough. Also in the learning process we make mistakes and this takes me the the point of being correctable.  This simply means being able to be corrected and for a person to be correctable he or she has to have those qualities I mentioned earlier. So let’s try to be teachable and correctable at all times. And let’s also learn the right things. On a final note don’t forget to share a “COKE” with somebody today I don’t mean “coke as a drink” what  I mean is; CO – communicate

K – knowledge

E – everyday.

Thank you.


Shogbade Opeyemi popularly known as Ojoro is the Owner and Admin of Ojoroplanet.com.ng . He is a student and entrepreneur and his major likes are Sport,blogging,music and his loving family.

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