COPY COPY (Must Read ) by Segun Adeshoga

“copy copy” that’s what it’s called in this part of the world. A “copy copy” is a person that imitates another person’s work, fashion, diet, and many more… What I really want to talk about here is; the reason why people copy and the negative/positive aspect of copying.

Copying is like leaving your appearance and putting on another person’s appearance. These days we humans would copy almost everything around us, and the point here is most of the time we are ignorant about what we are copying. We always forget that we all have different identities and not everything we copy will suit us. Copying has been existence for a very long time but it has grown to be very common in recent times. It’s so bad that I was watching a program on DSTV “botched” this program is about plastic surgery. So this person came and she brought a doll and she wanted a surgery to make her look like the doll, she also stated that she had gone through series of surgeries for the same reason but she was not satisfied and I sat in front of my TV thinking and I asked myself why. Well I think some of the reason why people copy are

1) Lack of self-esteem or self-confidence: these means when a person doesn’t believe in his/herself or abilities. It also means when a person does not feel good about the way they are. Most of the time we care too much about what people say about us, and the moment we begin to make does comment a priority in our life our self-esteem begins to slide down and it’s continue in that pattern until it gets to the minimum level and at that point we begin to feel very bad about ourselves and then we start imitating others just to look perfect to those people who have made comments about us. But the point is you don’t need anybody to tell you certain things about yourself before you know those things. Nobody can explain you better than you. Am not saying those comments are all bad but you don’t have to make them so important that it start affecting, instead work toward making yourself better. The moment you start seeing yourself has a better person and you begin to believe in yourself that’s the point where you start gaining self-esteem. But note being a better person requires sacrifice and you must be willing to make those sacrifices. My advice is think positive, try to always stay happy, be yourself, and always stand for the right thing also everyone has a passion so improve your knowledge on your passion and be good at it doing all this will lead you to the peak of your self-esteem.

2) Covetousness: this is an immoderate desire for the possession of something, especially for wealth. If you are this type of person who is not always satisfied with whatever he/she has there is tendency that you will copy others due to the uncontrollable desire to have something. Here if you are not careful you will start copying the wrong things and the person you are copying might be lucky to get away with whatever he/she is doing but you the copycat might not get away. A covetous person will always want things he/she can’t have at that moment. So my advice here is to try not to make material things or wealth acquisition your main goal and you should try to draw a line between what you need now and what you don’t need now. So negative effects of copying will reduce your self-esteem, you won’t move up at the rate you are supposed to and your potentials will be unused. So let me ask is there any positive aspect of copying? Check out this scenario there is someone you want to be like, you take this person has a mentor, the ideas is you can’t be like the person but what you can do is use the person’s life has a guideline in building yours. So from this I guess you can predict my answer…..

So don’t be a copycat.


Written by : Adeshoga Oluwasegun


Shogbade Opeyemi popularly known as Ojoro is the Owner and Admin of Ojoroplanet.com.ng . He is a student and entrepreneur and his major likes are Sport,blogging,music and his loving family.

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