Here Are 6 Wrong Assumptions Men Make About Women

When things go wrong in a relationship, people often attribute it to various reasons. It is only in few instances that they identify assumptions as the problem.

Except in science, where assumptions are part of research, they can have grave consequences in real life situations especially when the assumption is not the case.
A good way to correct assumptions is to keep an open mind and know the person for who they really are.
Here are six wrong assumptions that men make about women.
1. All women make decisions based on emotions
True, some women have been known to make decisions based on their emotions or bias. However, you will find many that handle decision-making like surgical procedures.
2. All women think about marriage once a relationship begins
This is a common assumption and some men go out of their way to avoid relationships because they want to avoid the inevitable marriage drama.
But not all women think about marriage while in a relationship.
Women sometimes go into a relationship knowing fully well that nothing will come out of it.
3. All women love material things
This is a hilarious assumption. Sure, a woman loves an occasional gift but that applies to every human.
Some women would rather be shown love and affection, given adequate attention than be bought over with material things.
4. Women are mind readers
Many women would have met men who would say “You should know what I mean” when they are trying to express interest.
But if she’s not a witch or a psychic, she may not know what you mean.
When couples fight, you may hear people say “You should know me by now” or “I thought you knew”.
Seeing as there are various means of communication, thanks to social media and instant messaging, saying what’s on your mind should not be difficult.
5. All women like children
This is perhaps based on the fact that women are the ones with the ability to carry and bear children. Expecting every woman to love children the same way is too big an assumption to have in mind.
Talk to her and know what she really wants.
6. All women cook and clean like experts
This can be traced to the time immemorial tradition which portrays women as the primary caregivers – but keep in mind that women are not born with cooking and cleaning hormones.
While some women enjoy cooking and cleaning, some outrightly abhor such chores.


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