US-based Comedian, Julien Tshikuna, Rates Bovi, Basket Mouth

US-based comedian, Julian Tshaikuna, has rated Nigerian top comedians, Bovi and Basketmouth as the kings of comedy in Africa.

Tshaikuna, son of a famous Congolese boxing champion, Jean Tshikuna, said he will be delighted to share the same stage with them.
The Belgium-born comedian, who started a career in football later turned away from the family sporting tradition and embarked on stand-up comedy.
Tshaikuna debut comedy record is among the top chart videos on the largest streaming platform. Tshaikuna, who is represented by Chris Saavedra from
Saint Agency in Los Angeles, said, “Africa is blessed with multiple talents. “The entertainment industry is fast growing and is celebrated around the world. While Nigeria may seem to be the center hub, other African countries are not doing less either.
“I am looking forward to working with some of Nigeria’s finest stand up comedians like Bovi and Basket mouth.
They are like the kings of comedy in Africa and it will be a delight to share the same stage with them.” Speaking about his career journey, the comedian who was the star performer at “Laugh with Africa”, an African stand-up comedy show; produced by Aflik TV, added, “I have been privileged to perform at some of the best shows around the world.
“In 2016, I was among the semi-finalist at the LA Funniest Comics, and also participated in the funniest Person in the World Contest of the mythical Laugh Factory.”

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