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The Young Entrepreneur International Summit is set to hold its 2020 Edition of the Young Persons Award and Dinner 2020.

“I came up with ‘Roasted Amala’ to have an anonymous identity on social media” -Rufai Saleem Mayowa

Most people have been itching to know exactly what prompted the brand name ‘Roasted Amala’. It’s a rather funny name that made its first appearance on social media sometime in 2010

First Step Modelling Academy scouting for young aspiring models

FIRST STEP MODELING ACADEMY (FSMA) is emotive with the task of scouting, grooming models (young, aspiring and upcoming) and placing them on the highest standard in the fashion industry at large.

Must Read!!! Tales of a Thousand Thought

Here is a story Written by Pelumzy_Pan . Oguntuase Oluwapelumi Emmanuel, Pelumzy_Pan, is an undergraduate of Lagos state university, who believes he can create value for himself and impact in others using his pen. Pelumzy_Pan...

20 signs you’re with the person you should marry

You may not want to necessarily get married and do the whole ‘bride’ thing, but there are certain things that pretty much confirm if you’ve got yourself a keeper…

For Ladies Don’t Marry Your Boyfriend If He Does These 4 Things

Here are 4 red flags that should give you the key to exit the relationship, as soon as you can.

Check Out This 5 Steps For You To Keep Your Lover (No 5 is the deal)

This are 5 steps for guys to take in to consideration when you just get into a serious relationship to keep your bae or guys that their relationship life sucks

NPFL : Did you Know ? No 1

Did you know that ? Nigeria Profrssional Football League was officially known

Exclusive : Interview With Upcoming Nigeria Act EddyBlint

Watch Exclusive interview of fast rising Nigeria artiste by stage name EddyBlint . Watch to know more about the young and getting it Act

3 Reasons Why Guys Sometimes Don’t Want You After Having s*x With You

When the chase is over, he’s gone. Now what? He chased you for weeks sometimes — even months — and now he’s leaving? Why do men do anything to be with you before having...

PROF. AKINPELU AND A DIGITAL LASU (Climbing the Echelon of Success)

The jinx is broken, what seemed impossible is now part of history. As a result of his burning desire to take LASU to the zenith of  tertiary education in Nigeria and the world at...

MORENIKEJI ; My tale of fearful lost by Pelumzy_pan

My tale of fearful lost She is the type you will never behold once, the sight of her perfect blonde face is enough to feed famished eye balls, I mean a blind mallam will...

INTERVIEW : GETTING TO KNOW YOUR ACT Episode 1 with ( Sunky Of Life )

  On the first episode of getting to know your act Ojoro planet got into a 10 minutes chat with one of lasu best music product of late. Sunky _Of_Life  .The Fast rising star...

COPY COPY (Must Read ) by Segun Adeshoga

COPY COPY (Must Read ) by Segun Adeshoga

“copy copy” that’s what it’s called in this part of the world. A “copy copy” is a person that imitates another person’s work, fashion, diet, and many more… What I really want to talk...

Must Read : The teachable and correctable personality

Must Read : The teachable and correctable personality

What does it mean to be teachable? It simply means willingness to receive instructions or to learn.



  As the year runs out , we take a look back at the Top 20 LASU artist that rock our speakers trough out the year . Several big names have emerge and some...

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