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Nigerian girl auction her self for lease

A runs girl in nigeria was cammed while negotiating with her supposed boo. checkout the video of the man negotiating his “peace of mind” with his bae

6 signs your relationship is in the ‘friend zone’ and Possible Solutions

6 signs your relationship is in the ‘friend zone’ and Possible Solutions

The dreaded ‘friend zone’ is something many couples fear, but it turns out this doesn’t necessarily spell the end of your relationship. Talking therapist Alison Raphael explains the 6 main signs your relationship has...

20 signs you’re with the person you should marry

You may not want to necessarily get married and do the whole ‘bride’ thing, but there are certain things that pretty much confirm if you’ve got yourself a keeper…

For Ladies Don’t Marry Your Boyfriend If He Does These 4 Things

Here are 4 red flags that should give you the key to exit the relationship, as soon as you can.

Check Out This 5 Steps For You To Keep Your Lover (No 5 is the deal)

This are 5 steps for guys to take in to consideration when you just get into a serious relationship to keep your bae or guys that their relationship life sucks

Here Are Top 5 Character Traits In Men That Ladies Consider

Check out top 5 character traits in guys that women consider before going into a relationship. Most guys just believe in the Bad boy / G guy tag labelled on them to get a lady...

Advice : 8 Ways To Become More Attractive Than You Are

You may feel that there’s little you can do to change how attractive you are. However, there are small changes that anyone can do with little time and effort that can influence the way...

5 Signs You Are Gradually Destroying Your Relationship

Here are 5 reasons that  you are gradually destroying your relationship without you knowing

Five Ways You Can Get Pregnant Without Having S3x

Technically it’s possible to get pregnant without having S3@.x:’, even if you’re a V!rg!n. That’s the submission of experts.

3 Reasons Why Guys Sometimes Don’t Want You After Having s*x With You

When the chase is over, he’s gone. Now what? He chased you for weeks sometimes — even months — and now he’s leaving? Why do men do anything to be with you before having...

Here Are 6 Wrong Assumptions Men Make About Women

When things go wrong in a relationship, people often attribute it to various reasons. It is only in few instances that they identify assumptions as the problem.

7 Best Words to Use instead of Love

Many nigeria men are not romantic. Most call their partner  bae but these are 7 ways to say i love you to your bae to keep your relationship without saying the word LOVE.

For Ladies !! 8 Things A Lady Shouldn’t Do In The Presence Of A Man

Here, we  show 8 things a lady should not do in front of her Bf, Husband or crush , some few immediate turn off men in some ladies.

18 Signs she is the Woman You Should Marry

Check out this 18 signs to know your current girl is you soulmate .

Guys!! How to know if a girl loves you?

How to know if a girl loves you? It’s actually right easy. You just have to know what the signs are. Women who are in love behave in a certain way. Once you know...

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